Meet The Owner

Meet the Owner

Keith Morrissey is a native from Long Island, New York who moved to Huntington Beach, California as a teenager. He attended Huntington Beach High School, Orange Coast College and UCI. After college Keith began working at Minuteman Press for his parents. This is where his passion for business and his curiosity of becoming an entrepreneur flourished.

In 1999 Keith was introduced to the owner of Sign Design. At that time, the owner was looking for an individual to take over all operations of his business. In April of 1999, Keith began a new adventure and started working at Sign Design. After the push he needed by his wife Jackie, Keith started the conversation with his boss about purchasing the company. In 2003 the business transferred hands and Keith was the owner and the rest is history!

Keith has built his business serving the surrounding community (check out the gallery for some of his favorite projects!). Keith focuses on great customer service to distinguish him from all the competition. He learned this from his parents! He credits them with teaching him everything he knows. “Everyone thinks owning your own business is so great, you don’t have a boss! The truth is, that every one of my customers is my boss and I answer to each of them. I still ask their opinion about different business issues. I am very lucky to have a resource like them!”

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